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tcy-logoIn today’s world, our lives are full of fast paced pursuits. The modern factories, offices, travel in buses, cars & airplanes take a toll on the mind, body & soul. The toll is so severe that we often end up in neglecting the harmony between body, mind & the self. One can look for solutions and methods available in present world, but most of them are only focused on one aspect of our beings – like aerobics or yoga-asana for the body, or music for the mind. However, there is a lack of a complete yoga package which can naturally rejuvenate an individual, by harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

We present a holistic approach to rejuvenate the mind, body, soul through the complete Yoga package – with enlivening Yoga asanas like sun salutation, refreshing breathing exercises (pranayama), introspective mantra meditation, and wisdom lessons from super texts like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, followed by a delicious feast.

The Complete Yoga Package is offered in three modules:

VEDIC ACADEMY : There are parallel sessions for kids. More information here.

Our sessions at a Glance:

Every Friday, 7 to 9 pm SHT @ Sunnyvale The Complete Yoga Govind (408-834-0612)
Every Saturday, 6 to 8 pm ISV @ Mountain View The Complete Yoga Harivamsa (650-704-6861)
Every Friday, 12 to 1 pm Online Corporate Gita Govind (408-834-0612)
Every Wednesday/Thursday, 12 to 1 pm Santa Clara/Sunnyvale Sanjeevani Gita Tulasi Lata (408-338-0261)

Yoga for the body, mind, intellect and soul:

Surya NamaskarSurya_Namaskar      Sun Salutation increases body vitality, controls insomnia,  improves  the immune system, making body less prone to diseases and day-to-day stress. Pranayama pranayama-150x150  Pranayama, or regulative breathing techniques,  eliminate stress, and develop a sense of inner peace and calm.
Mantra Meditationmed1   Meditation helps an individual overcome negative emotions to facilitate a calm peaceful mind.   Vedic WisdomScreen Shot 2013-04-17 at 6.32.11 PM  Discussions on wisdom literature are introspective, and help  participants to facilitate personal discovery, growth and advancement in their spiritual lives.


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