Self Manager (6-Sessions) Module

tcy-logo Self Manager Module @ ISV

  1. Session 1: Overcoming Fear (Aug 17th)
  2. Session 2: Anger Management (Aug 24th)
  3. Session 3: Power of Faith (Sept 7th)
  4. Session 4: Living a Purposeful Life (Sept 14th)
  5. Session 5: Breaking Free of Bonds (Sept 21th)
  6. Session 6: Power of Prayers (Sept 28st)

Date & Venue:

ISKCON Silicon Valley
Every Saturday, 6 pm to 8 pm
1965 Latham Street, Mountain View, CA


Self Manager Module @ SHT

  1. Session 1: Overcoming Fear 
  2. Session 2: Anger Management
  3. Session 3: Power of Faith
  4. Session 4: Living a Purposeful Life
  5. Session 5: Breaking Free of Bonds
  6. Session 6: Power of Prayers

Date & Venue:

Sunnyvale Hindu Temple
To be Announced
450 Persian Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089



Session 1: Overcoming Fear
All of us strive diligently to overcome many fears – financial, familial, social, academic and physical. However the necessary security measures like insurances, helmets, buzzer alarms, health checkups fail to free us from a disconcerting sense of fear and insecurity. The Vedic texts explain that all fear originates in an unbalanced, unrealistic material conception of life, when we seek our sense of identity, self-worth, security and pleasure exclusively from our material positions and possessions, we open ourselves to fear. Beyond the stage of material activity that preoccupies our mind lies a vast, unexplored realm of spiritual tranquility. The more we harmonize with our spiritual nature, the more we become fearless; we recognize that worldly upheavals that affect our material assets have no power whatsoever to hurt us.

Session 2: Anger Management

Anger is a natural response to perceived threats. The instinctive, natural way to express anger is to respond aggressively. When Anger gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of life. This session is meant to help us understand and control anger. We can’t get rid of, or avoid, the things or the people that enrage us, nor can we change them, but we can learn to control our reactions and learn to respond to anger in a controlled, healthy way.
Session 3: Tap the Power of Faith
In times of pain and grief, the prayerful surrender to the will of the lord has the potential of bringing immediate and immense relief. However most people are unable to muster the faith necessary for offering such prayers. The Bhagavad Gita holds a unique position among all the world’s scriptures in that it offers a solid intellectual springboard and a well defined spiritual trajectory for such a leap of faith. Such sensible and verifiable faith does not negate the process of intellectual explanation or dialogue, but it admits that the absolute truth is ultimately beyond logical grasp of our limited minds.

Session 4: Living a Purposeful Life
Vedas inform us that there are 8,40,000 species of life, and one gains a human form of life after uncountable lives in different species. This human form of life is special because one can understand higher truth with the help of discerning intelligence, transcend birth, disease, old age, and death, and re-awaken our essential spiritual nature. Vedic aphorism states that every living entity is blissful by nature and have an eternal connection with the Supreme Blissful, God. Forgetting this reality, when we try to seek happiness in matter, we fall into trouble and anxieties. Material objects can satisfy the senses of the body, however fundamental need of every living being is to love ant to be loved. Real happiness is a fundamental characteristic of all living, sentient beings and is far above the illusory happiness found in material sensory pleasures.

Session 5: Three Ropes that Bind Us
As pure spirit souls, we are all related to the Supreme Lord as a servant, friend, parent or a lover. Our original position is to serve, however, we have come here to this material world, with the desire to become an independent enjoyer, proprietor and controller — to become an imitator and competitor of God. The living entities can either choose to serve the Lord with love and devotion and remain under the control of Yoga maya or they can become rebellious and be away from the Lord under the control of Maha maya. As soon as the rebellious living entity comes in contact with the external energy (material world), he is caught up (like police catching thief) under the clutches of three modes of material nature– Mode of goodness, Passion, and Ignorance.
Session 6: Power of Prayers
For centuries, thousands of sincere practitioners have accumulated definite evidence of the positive results of prayer. The serious doubt regarding prayer is not whether God can hear and respond, but whether the things people pray for are worthwhile. The real purpose of prayer is not to gain material resources or even spiritual salvation for oneself. The power of prayer comes when we call to God out of a desire to do His will. Such pure prayers are not means to the end but are themselves loving exchanges between the Lord and His pure devotees.

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